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We welcome you warmly to the launch of our investment project. After a long period of preparation and rigorous testing of all functionalities of our investment portal, we welcome investors from all parts of the world. Anyone who has never invested anything, whether offline or online, regardless of their previous experience, can easily become our honored clients.

Our offer will interest mainly professional cryptocurrency investors who wish to broaden their profit margins. One distinctive feature of the company is providing profits on daily basis. If you experience any difficulties with our services, our support team will be happy to oblige and help you as soon as possible.

Our goals are to fulfill all the expectations of our investors and to ensure that they receive their expected profit on time and instantly.

We hasten to let you know that today is the third day of the project work and 800 investors have joined us. This is an excellent indicator of interest in our program.

We are strong together. The 800th investor, who became a user with a name wesleyx123, receives a bonus of 0.01BTC to his deposit account. Congratulations!

News for investors. The SegWit2x hard fork, which was scheduled for November 16, is officially canceled. At the moment, there is a retracement of the bitcoin rate below $7,000, but, according to our calculations, bitcoin will go high with the same strength in the future, and the bitcoin rate will exceed $9,000 in the next months.

Read more about the cancellation of the hard fork here

Greeting to everybody!

Nov-16-2017 07:10:48 PM

Today is the 11th day of the work of our project, and more than 1,400 investors joined us – more than 1,400 people trust us and get profit with us every day, while we are growing and ready to hit any records. The first investors have already started to receive their net profit, and the number of such investors increases every day. We are very glad about it, as increasing your investment is our main goal and profession. Thank all who support and praise us, and thank all who join us to increase their funds and just see how they work for them. You always deserve better with Cryptodelics Limited.

Hello everybody, The fifteenth day of the project work is coming. More and more investors are joining us and the project is growing stronger. Thank you for your trust; we appreciate it and try improving our service every day. Make your investments and have as much profit as you need without worrying about possible difficulties because our support service will always help you solve any issue, and a well-established system of payment reception will ensure quick and reliable deposit creation and instant withdrawal of profits at any time.

You can ask all your questions via the feedback form, or by writing us at mail or by calling to the Company’s office. We wish you good luck and pleasant investment.